‘One on One’ looks to leave lasting impact at Elon

Heil, Accordino and Bunn look to change the face of sports-talk shows on Elon television.

By Russell Varner
October 2, 2008

Students will soon notice a new show on ETV this fall.

Elon University is starting a new sports television show called ‘One on One Sports’, which premieres October 14. The show, which was created by sophomores Mike Heil, Chris Bunn and Joey Accordino, will talk about all the major sports, from football to basketball to baseball and everything in between, and will be much like the sports debate show ‘Pardon The Interruption’ on ESPN.

One on One Sports starts this October on ETV. Photo from Mike Heil.

One on One Sports starts this October on ETV and is done completely by students at Elon. Photo from Mike Heil.

“The idea of a sports debate show has always been really intriguing to me as a ‘Pardon the Interruption’ fan growing up,” said Accordino, one of the two hosts of the television show. “And when Chris approached me with this idea second semester of our freshmen year, I jumped all over it and the rest is history.”

What makes One on One Sports so special is that it will incorporate all the major forms of media. On top of the show, there will also be a weekly column in The Pendulum and a radio show on WSOE 89.3 FM.

“I think it’s really interesting how much Elon focuses on this whole convergence aspect of communications, but we haven’t really seen it come to anything as far as Elon media goes,” said Heil, director and producer of the TV show. “So I think we wanted to be the pioneers in that to take a step forward and get involved with convergence and experience it firsthand and get a head start on that now.”

“I feel like we’re innovators here,” said Accordino. “Who else had this dream and was able to follow through with it?”

The first episode will feature talks on the college football season, an NBA season preview and a recap of the MLB playoffs thus far and will also star senior Mitch Pittman, junior Britt Clark and junior basketball star Adam Constantine. This will be the first new show on ETV since ‘Road Trip’ and just the fourth student-made television show that Elon has. But then comes the question why so few student television shows and why have no sports shows like this been made before?

“I think what’s really undervalued is how hard it is to start a show like this,” said Accordino. “People think you can just get in front of a camera and start talking, but it’s not really that easy. You have to recruit your staff, you have to train people, you have to work with people and you have to develop long lasting relationships.”

“We really have put months and months of effort into this, because it’s our passion,” said Heil. “We’ve had to get down into every little detail. Recruiting has been one of the hardest parts for us because of all the different people that go into making a show. You need a lot of hard work, but we’ve been really, really blessed to have people that are really passionate about putting in that hard work.”

Usually, the goal for a show like this is to just have a strong three or four years and have it look good on your resume for when you graduate college. But for these three young men, that is not enough for the show to become what they would call a success.

“Our goal is to have a successful convergence organization,” says Bunn, the other host of the television show. “And by that, I want our column to be one of the most read columns in the paper, I want our radio show to be one of the most listened to shows on WSOE, I want our show to be more watched than Phoenix14, I want every aspect of our project to be the best in its field.”

“We want to make this a sustaining thing and set it to have the type of functions that will keep it going so when we graduate, others will keep the project going,” says Heil. “When we come back for homecoming in five years or so, we hope to come back and there will still be One on One Sports.”

Who will win the college football national championship this year?



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3 responses to “‘One on One’ looks to leave lasting impact at Elon

  1. Janna

    Russell, you did a really nice job reporting this. You have some good storytelling quotes and specific details. Mike Heil’s poster really makes the page look great – lots of handsome guys and a super design – it was good to use that graphic in a prominent spot. It’s also fun to have a sort of a preview clip of the guys performing. It’s a great project for the school, and I hope it is highly successful.

  2. Janna

    To optimize for search engines to find this story (SEO, remember?) you should probably write a headline that has the words sports-talk, Elon, TV, etc. You get the idea. You might want to have a subheadline that includes the names of the people heading the project up – Accordino, Heil and Bunn. If you leave the headline the way it is or if you retain the name of the show in the headline, you need to remember that a TV show title should be placed inside quote marks, and the rule in print reporting is that when you use quote marks in a headline you use single quotes, so it would be ‘One on One’ – be sure to get that right.

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