Elon resident injured in car wreck

By Russell Varner
October 29, 2008

Firefighters work to clean up the wreckage and clear the road.

Firefighters work to clean up the wreckage and clear the road.

A local resident was left injured in a two-car collision that happened last night around 9:40 p.m. at the intersection of East Haggard Avenue and Gilliam Road right across the street from Phoenix Arms apartments. Both cars were towed and the other two people involved in the wreck, students at Elon University, were unharmed.

“I was just sitting in my room when it happened,” said junior Travis Martin. “I heard a bang and then screeching tires. I looked out my window and saw the wreck. So I ran out, told my roommates and we ran out to see if we could help.”

Police and firefighters refused to comment on the situation and no names were given out at the time.


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One response to “Elon resident injured in car wreck

  1. Janna

    To finish this, you would call or visit the police department and ask to see the accident report. It is a public record that police are required to show when asked and you don’t have to be a reporter for a daily newspaper to see it.

    It’s good to see some spot news in your coverage.

    At a real-world online news operation you would post the kind of content you have here as soon as you captured the photo, and then you would work as quickly as possible to get the details about who was involved in the crash. You’d probably have a working relationship with the police/fire folks, and they might be willing to share the details from their accident report on the scene.

    Online audiences like to see the details from this type of news posted instantly, so this might even be something you’d text back to the office for an online editor, upload from your iPhone to your site or Twitter from the scene.

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