Elon Homecoming on club sports turf

Men’s ultimate Frisbee starts new Homecoming tradition
By Russell Varner
November 12, 2008

Saturday night at the intramural fields, a new Homecoming tradition was born.

For the first time, the ultimate frisbee team hosted a scrimmage between its current players and alumni that were former members of the team.

“We’re trying to make it like a tradition now, to bring back the old folk and then get together,” said Daniel Lee, the president of the men’s team. “They usually come down for homecoming but we just have never organized a game. This is first time in a while that we have played together.”

“I think it was a good way for the alumni to try to reconnect with the team and to meet some of the newcomers,” said Dan Sembler, the team treasurer. “We wanted to make sure that the alumni had something to do when they came in town. A lot of them come from a far way away just to hang out with us, and it would be a shame if we didn’t give them something to do (frisbee related) when they were in town.”

The team was only about to fit in one scrimmage, which saw the alumni come back to win by a final score of 13 to 11. But in the end, it wasn’t about who won or lost. It was about seeing everyone once again.

“I like the idea of giving the alumni a chance to interact with the freshman and also to give them a chance to play with old teammates from years past,” said Sembler. “This scrimmage was the best way to make sure both happened.”

“Anyone who’s nearby can drive back usually comes back for Homecoming,” said Lee. “We’ve got some guys in California who couldn’t make it. But this is probably the biggest alumni crowd we’ve had in a while.”

While the season doesn’t get real serious until the spring, the fall has still been good for the Phoenix. The team has already played in some tournaments and have had some big victories early in the year.

“Our biggest win came two weekends ago at NC State,” said Lee. “We beat Chapel Hill and we haven’t beat them since we’ve been founded. It’s a relatively new club and so that’s the first team we’ve had a big win. The big schools are really tough to beat.”

“We were able to give our newcomers some well deserved playing time on their own to make sure they develop properly and our returners performed well at a couple of tournaments as well,” Sembler said about the team. “I would consider the closeness of our team to be out biggest strength.”

“When we are on the field, we know that we are trying as hard as we can to make our teammates proud and to give our team a legitimate chance to win. This ability to push ourselves is what makes us as strong as we are.”

The team takes to the road this weekend to play in yet another tournament, though it has yet to be determined who they will play.


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